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Sudbury is nicknamed “The Nickel City” due to the abundance of nickel ore embedded in the ground.

Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario with a population of 158,000 and in regard to total land area, is the largest city in all of Ontario.

Sudbury has the distinction of having 2 official names as it is also referred by the French name “Grande Sudbury” (Greater Sudbury), as Sudbury has a large Francophone community accounting for approximately 30% of the total population.

Citizens of Sudbury have direct access to the country via the Trans Canada Highway (via Highway 17). The Greater Sudbury Airport offers direct flights to Florida, Cuba and Cancun.

Sudbury is also served by Via Rail and Greyhound bus service. Greater Sudbury Transit is available to help residents get around the city.

The main industry and employer in the Greater Sudbury Area is the mining industry, made famous in the Stompin’ Tom Connors song, “Sudbury Saturday Night”.

The Ore mined in Sudbury contains many valuable elements including nickel, copper and platinum. Extracted out of the Sudbury Basin, the precious resource is mined and smelted for various uses.

The Sudbury Basin is believed to be a meteor impact crater from over 1.8 billion years ago.

Sudbury, Ontario offers its residents many educational choices. Elementary and High Schools are offered in both English and French to cater to the population.

Sudbury is also home to 3 post secondary institutions; Cambrian College for English community, College Boreal for the Francophone community, and the bilingual option of Laurentian University.

Sudbury offers a diverse assortment of entertainment options. Cheer on the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League, or attend the annual Cinefest film festival,/“Laugh Out Loud” Comedy Festival.

The Sudbury Theatre Centre, Sudbury Symphony Orchestra and Art Gallery of Sudbury are also local favourites.

The 2 major landmarks that let you know you are in Sudbury, Ontario are the Giant Nickel located at Dynamic Earth, an earth and sciences exhibition.

The other is the Inco Super Stack, which is the tallest freestanding chimney in the Western Hemisphere that dominates the Sudbury skyline.

Sudbury has many recreational activities to help the residents unwind. Several parks and trails are available for various activities. Cross country and downhill skiing are popular winter activities.

Many organized sports teams for children and adults alike, or get involved in the various clubs in your community to help it thrive.

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