Mortgage Life Insurance

Protecting Your Family's Largest Investment

A mortgage, and the debt that it creates, is an every day occurence for most Canadian families. Two parents, two incomes, the bills get paid, the kids go to school and everyone is happy.

MPP - Mortgage Life InsuranceWhat happens if there is an unforeseen event and there isn't life insurance or mortgage protection?  A death perhaps, or a disability that renders one person, or both, unable to work and earn income.

That's the tricky part and most Canadians don't want to discuss mortgage life insurance.  Insurance is not a pleasant discussion.  The 'it won't happen to me' scenario kicks in and people move on with their daily lives.    They say things like 'I have life insurance at work' or 'we'll have the mortgage paid off before anything happens'

What if your current life insurance policy isn't enough? Do you even know what it covers?

What if you don't have your mortgage paid off and something happens?

Cut your family's monthly income in half.  Can your family pay all of your current bills and debt obligations?

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Insurance is a product that we purchase so that we don't have to use it.  That can't be said for many things.  Its a peace of mind for you and your family.

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Just as it is recommended to seek out a mortgage professional when financing real estate, it is always a great idea to seek out an insurance professional to go over all aspects of your family's much needed protection.  Home, Auto, Business, Liability, Disability, and Life Insurance., National Cash, Discount Mortgage Canada Inc. and its agents or affiliates are not licensed insurance professionals.  The Mortgage Protection Plan is provided by Fairlie Insurance Agency Inc.  More information can be found a