Second Mortgages

Stop paying high credit card interest!

Do you need money for the children’s education or a trip around the world? Consider using the equity in your home to fulfill your needs. If refinancing your first mortgage isn't your best option then consider a second mortgage up to 100% LTV (Loan To Value).

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It is possible to take out a second mortgage on the equity in your home for up to 100% of its appraised value.  A second mortgage or 'home equity loan' is a smart alternative to high interest credit cards and bank loans.  The proceeds of the mortgage can be used to pay off and close other credit accounts, do home renovations, pay for vacations, or send your kids to college or university.

We currently work with over 50 institutional mortgage lenders in Canada but only a select few offer second mortgages.  The minimum loan amount is $20,000.  In the event that you don't qualify for a second mortgage from a bank due to credit or employment issues we also work with private home equity loan lenders at reasonable terms and rates.

If refinancing is not the solution, consider a second mortgage. Loans can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks with cash in your hand.  Closing costs, legal fees, broker fees, etc. can be paid from the home equity loan proceeds.  We can work quicker if you have the documentation listed below.

A current updated appraisal will be required for your home to confirm its value.  If you qualify for CMHC mortgage insurance, your appraisal will be FREE, otherwise you must pay for it up front (approximately $250) 

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