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Affectionately known as “Royal City”, Guelph was named after British Royalty.

Guelph, Ontario, located in Wellington County, was founded in 1827. Guelph now boasts a population in excess of 100,000 and is located in the heart of Southern Ontario.

Halfway between London and Toronto, Guelph has direct access to highway 401 east or west for traveling convenience.

Guelph, Ontario offers a public transit bus service which is extremely handy for getting around the city. Whether going downtown or to the Stone Road Mall for shopping and everyday needs, this is a great service for seniors and especially for students of Guelph University.

Guelph University, which has just celebrated its 180th year, is consistently rated high in MacLean’s Magazine’s annual poll of Canadian post secondary institutions. A campus of Conestoga College is also located in Guelph.

With the heavy student influence in Guelph, consult a Guelph Real Estate agent about the benefits of purchasing student housing properties for investment or income purposes.

The resident’s of Guelph, Ontario have a lot of pride in their city, and partake in an annual “Spring Street Sweep and Cleanup”. So, for those looking to buy a home in Guelph, Ontario, join in the effort to keep this beautiful city clean.

Other ways to contribute to this great community is through various groups available in the Guelph Area. Be sure to check the daily newspaper The Guelph Mercury for opportunities.

Sports fans can cheer on many teams dear to Guelph residents. The Guelph Griffin University sport teams, the Guelph Royals Baseball Team, as well as the Ontario Hockey League’s Guelph Storm, who call the Guelph Sports and Entertainment complex home.

FUN FACT: The phrase ‘Hat Trick’ was coined in Guelph. The Guelph hockey team called the Biltmore Mad Hatters, and when a player scored three goals, fans were encouraged to throw their hats onto the ice.

Guelph has a rich history of producing quality Inventions. Guelph is the original home of such well known inventions such as; 5 Pin Bowling, the Wire Coat Hanger and the Jock Strap were all invented here.

Guelph Ontario is also the home of Colonel John McCrae the author of “In Flanders Field”.

Other famous natives of Guelph, Ontario are Hollywood actress Neve Campbell, world famous Children’s Author Robert Munsch and John Sleeman founder of Sleeman Breweries, which is Canada’s premier Craft Brewery.

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