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Looking for an ideal investment or income property? One that is easy to rent, and is highly marketable if you ever decide to sell? Do you want the benefits of a passive income flow with as little work and maintenance as possible? Then buying a Condominium may be just the ticket for that rental property wish list.

A Condo is a property that can be purchased relatively cheap, and is marketable to arguably the widest variety of potential renters in major cities especially with a large college/university or university population. Everyone from retired couples and empty nesters to single professionals and newlyweds, even students are always looking for a low maintenance, easy to furnish rental property.

Most condo’s are cost efficient to decorate and furnish due to their relatively small stature and square footage (floor space) Another key point is that with condominiums, neither you or the tenant have to perform most maintenance and major repairs, as they are attended to by the condo corporation. Therefore, as a property owner, you get the benefit of passive income with minimal time or money spent to do so.

Single Family Residential homes are also a good income property option, but compared to condo’s, they have some significant drawbacks. First of all, there is more space to fill therefore, not as attractive to a single person or empty nester. Generally the rent would be higher as property taxes and maintenance costs would be factored in. And then there’s that word again, maintenance and repairs which would be the sole responsibility of the property owner as well. Resale would be about the only instance that doesn’t have a clear cut advantage with this comparison.

Other common investment properties are duplex and triplexes. (or even quad plexes). These properties are comparable in the sense that they are smaller residences, therefore commanding less rent, and being more conducive to the single or student crowd as there is less space to fill. The 2 biggest drawbacks on these rental options for property investors is that they can be hard to obtain financing for, and are less marketable in resale market. It is a very niche market to sell a duplex and especially a triplex or larger, as not everyone is dying to have one.

Therefore, in the event that a quick liquidation to cash was needed, this would not be the property you necessarily would want to be marketing. Another reason for that ties into the other situation of financing these types of properties. Not all lenders are willing to provide “high ratio” financing on these properties, and insurers such as CMHC or Genworth will only lend to particular clients.

Therefore, a significant equity investment would be required for these transactions. Other investment options are apartment buildings or walk up complexes, but they do not compare to a single unit, unless one plans on becoming the next Harry Stinson or Donald Trump and purchases an entire high rise condo complex.

Depending on the market, condo purchased for rental purposes can be obtained for around the $120,000 mark or less, (with the exception being anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area “GTA”) This also makes them an attractive choice based on the minimal down payment and financing needed to help maximize the return on investment. And isn’t that the whole point of purchasing rental/cash flow property? So, if you are in the market for a nice rental property, think condo’s, and all the benefits that come withthem.